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One of the 10 best RPGs available on iOS of all time -

Vigil RPG is an old-school-style turn-based RPG game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

What makes Vigil RPG fun?

Created by a one-person dev team as a premium game with a design goal of maximum fun -- not maximum monetization! Vigil RPG has NO ads, premium currencies, stamina timers, or any other such figgldygrak.

Enemies and hero skills designed to make for actual interesting combat! Every enemy has unique attack patterns for a clever and observant player to overcome.

A combat system based on very low values -- deal 3 damage on a hit, not 3897 -- lets you plan ahead and optimize your combats.

Select your action and for each combat round in a single tap -- no menus to navigate through. Each round plays out in about one second. Vigil RPG respects your time!

Vigil RPG has NO on-screen D-pad, multi-level menus in combat, or other awkward console-port RPG holdovers! Hero movement is via easy tap controls designed for iPhone.

In-game awards that reward skillful gameplay, not spending lots of time over-preparing and grinding!

Play while holding your favorite beverage! Vigil RPG is designed for easy one-handed play, with portrait orientation, and easy-to-reach button placement.

Your progress is continuously saved! Leave any time -- even mid-combat -- and Vigil RPG will pick up exactly where you left off.

Except for the single full game unlock in-app-purchase, play start-to-credits in Airplane Mode. No network connection requried.

Vigil RPG is optimized for long battery life. It's developed using 100% native Apple code; no inefficient 3rd-party frameworks.

- Gameplay -

Jump right back into the game from where you left off by continuing your most recent game from the title screen with a single tap.

Much of Vigil RPG's story is delivered through brief eBook-style page sequences.

The Vigil RPG story takes place in the barony of Arboria, where the hero sets out to discover why goblins and other monsters have suddenly begun maurading across the countryside.

The town of Arboria offers all of the comforts of a typical fantasy town! Among them are an inn for healing, a tavern for picking up quests, and a training grounds for selecting a set of up to 6 skills to take adventuring.

The hero has a small pool of MP (mana points) which partially replenish after each battle. There is often tension between spending MP to quickly defeat the current enemy, versus saving MP to take on the next enemy encounter.

Vigilant players will also keep a close eye on what the enemy is doing. Some enemies will cue a special attack a round before making it. Other enemy type have particular patterns they follow, which a clever player can discover and exploit!

Each move the hero makes while travelling on the world map costs a turn. Other events, such as resting at the inn or being defeated in battle, consume turns as well.

Vigil RPG's in-game rewards and GameCenter leaderboards reward heroes who can most efficiently triumph over the various threats facing Arboria in the shortest amount of time!

While back in town, stop in to the tavern to grab a root beer, review your quests, and hear advice and commentary (appropriate to your specific situation!), and attempts at humor, from Bo, the friendly bartender!

Strategy FAQ

Check out the 110% official Vigil RPG Strategy FAQ!

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Vigil RPG was designed and developed in Michigan, USA by Jon Schneider, University of Michigan CS grad!

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